Friday, September 30, 2011

Our life in snippets...



Slightly different?...From dance parties, late nights, and crazy tailgates to 5pm dinners at kid friendly restaurants leaving trail of food behind us, game days on our deck and afternoon naps, as we embark on our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow I couldn't imagine our life any better.  Sure, we have had our setbacks, disappointments and heartbreaks, but we have also had a hefty dose of love, laughter and have brought two beautiful children into this world together.  If eight years ago when we first got together you would have shown me a picture of our life today I wouldn't have believed it could be so sweet!

So our life used to be a bit more adventurous and exciting when it came to traveling, weekends, parties, tailgates etc, but these more recent iPhone pics (because I certainly don't have room to carry a camera in the diaper bag amongst the diapers, matchbox cars, sippy cups and goldfish) still tell a pretty great story, our happily ever after, every perfect imperfection.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend, an incredible and fun daddy,  and someone that daily helps me grow as a person.  I am a better person today because of him.

This post comes a little early, because tomorrow we will be spending the day as a family at KU, a pretty perfect way to celebrate.  We celebrated as a couple last weekend with a great date night and hotel stay on the Plaza while the boys spent the night with the grandparents!

Happy 6th Anniversary Drew...I think we have at least another 54 in us!

In Case You've Been Wondering....

Yes, we know we named our sons Bo and Luke and that these are also the names of the Dukes of Hazzard...(in all fairness though their names really are Lucas and Bowen)....

NO, we did not name them these names BECAUSE of the Dukes of Hazzard, though Drew was a fan growing up.

Everyone asks us, so here is the answer, we know you've wondered :)...because many have asked!

Hopefully we haven't doomed ourselves to a lifetime of craziness with these names!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Pictures speak a thousand words...

Poor unsuspecting Bowen...

Look at his eyes...not sure what to think yet...

Bowen...pleading for help, Luke giving him the stare down

Love this...Luke always holds Bowen's hand...there is a thin line between love and hate, but I think we still fall on the side of love with these two.

Big Hug!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally Fall!

Despite the fact that it is 90 degrees today, we have been enjoying some amazing fall weather and football (well only sort of enjoying football...KU is pretty bad despite their 2 wins and the Chiefs were an all out embarrassment yesterday!).

Saturday we braved the KU game with both boys and they did amazing!  We had such a great time in the game...Luke was all about finding the Jayhawk, the music, the band and the game!  Bowen was all about sleeping in the Ergo...a pretty great combination!

Sunday we brought a TV out on the deck and Bowen slept, Luke played in his sandbox and Drew and I grew increasingly disgusted with the Chiefs!

Lucky kid slept though the game!

Perfect day for football on the deck!

Hey mom!  Come play in the sandbox with me, it's more fun than the game!

Happy Boy and so alert these days!

Rock Chalk!  The below video hardly shows Luke's excitement at the game...but mom didn't have the camera out at the right time!  

Up late after the game and HYPER!  Poor and dad didn't change his diaper at the game and he soaked his clothes!  He loved riding home in just a diaper and socks!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Do List

-Get back in shape
-Organize my closet and pack away return all the borrowed maternity clothes
-Organize the master bathroom
-Organize the spices
-Get baby on regular schedule....

.....the list goes on and on.  I figured I would use the days when Luke is at daycare to accomplish these things because Lord knows when I return to work they will never get accomplished.

Well, some days the to do list just needs to be put on hold.  For moments like these...

These are way more important tasks and I am loving every moment of them.  So if it means I keep my baby belly longer than desired, so be it.  When my work pants are a little too tight I will think of these gorgeous fall days on the deck snuggling with the sweetest of babies...these moments go far too fast and this maternity leave I realize that more so than my last maternity leave with Luke.  Baby will get on a schedule eventually, my clothes will fit better eventually and I can deal with a messy closet longer too! There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby on your chest.

Finishing Strong

From start to close we have had a blast of a summer! There has not been a dull moment that's for sure!  We ended the summer on a great high!  Aunt Jenny (Tia Juana) came to town this weekend and we met her wonderful new man, Roger!  Bowen loved meeting them and Luke loved playing!  Bowen got to chill with Tia Juana and Roger while Luke, Drew and I hit up the first KU game of the year and then on Sunday we all hosted a 40th Wedding Anniversary for Drew's parents.  Their actual anniversary was actually my due date, July 10th, so we bumped the party back a couple of months to give everyone some time to settle in.  It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend, the weather on Sunday was in the low 70s at the lake and we had a wonderful evening with their friends and with family!  
Rock Chalk Tailgater!

Handsome man getting ready for the party!

Happy 40th Anniversary to my wonderful in laws.  What a great example of  strong and happy marriage.  These two absolutely know what it takes to make a marriage work!  I hope someday we will be as good of in laws as they are!

Roger napping with Bowen, what a natural!

Waiting for the party to start!

Part of the spread!

Party animal!

Tia Juana!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ode to a 2 Month Old

Sweet Bowen, today you are two months some ways it seems like you were born just yesterday and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago!  I can't imagine your sweet smiles and coos not filling our household!  Everyday you grow more engaging and sweet!  Today you started the beginning signs of giggles and smiled at me all morning long!  You continue to bury your little self deeper in my heart!

I am amazed by your laid back definitely didn't get that from me.  Each day you endure more torture than any baby should...pokes in the eye, hair being pulled, kicks, drug across the blanket by your ankle, fallen on, sat on, trust "falled" on (though you have yet to catch your brother he continues to try), and likely many other things I don't see when my back is turned for  3 seconds.   Never during this torture do you cry or even take it like a man and I am thoroughly impressed.  You are one tough cookie.  You never protest when I leave you on your tummy for far too long while I chase your brother around the house.  You will either be the most laid back kid in America or you are cataloging each of these moments and someday payback will be yours...I can't wait to watch which way it plays out...I am kind of hoping for both!

What I really love is that you had me worried for the first month that you might not be quite the sleeper your brother had been, but it was all just a game for you, you little trickster you, and now you are sleeping a solid 8 hour stretch at night and I feel amazing!

I love you little man!  Can't wait for the next month!