Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally Fall!

Despite the fact that it is 90 degrees today, we have been enjoying some amazing fall weather and football (well only sort of enjoying football...KU is pretty bad despite their 2 wins and the Chiefs were an all out embarrassment yesterday!).

Saturday we braved the KU game with both boys and they did amazing!  We had such a great time in the game...Luke was all about finding the Jayhawk, the music, the band and the game!  Bowen was all about sleeping in the Ergo...a pretty great combination!

Sunday we brought a TV out on the deck and Bowen slept, Luke played in his sandbox and Drew and I grew increasingly disgusted with the Chiefs!

Lucky kid slept though the game!

Perfect day for football on the deck!

Hey mom!  Come play in the sandbox with me, it's more fun than the game!

Happy Boy and so alert these days!

Rock Chalk!  The below video hardly shows Luke's excitement at the game...but mom didn't have the camera out at the right time!  

Up late after the game and HYPER!  Poor and dad didn't change his diaper at the game and he soaked his clothes!  He loved riding home in just a diaper and socks!


  1. Oh my gosh, great idea to pull the television outside! We've had the ideal weather for that. Glad the boys did so well at the game!