Saturday, October 29, 2011

In the Words of Our Dear Friend Dora...

We did it!!!

We made it through the long week!  Lots and lots happened this week, almost too much to post about...

-Mom went back to work and Bowen went to daycare (he did awesome and fell right into pace with us!)  The week went really well, but we are B-U-S-Y!!!!

-Bowen started rolling from his back to his front, he is one determined little fellow...he started wanting to roll on Thursday and had perfected it by this afternoon! He is bound and determined to keep up with Luke! He loves to stand and even tries to move his foot forward in a stepping motion!

-Luke had his appointment with the allergist and asthma specialist.  He for sure has asthma and also is allergic to dust (great) and peanuts.  Not fun, but at least we now know and can avoid triggers.  He is also on 3 medications daily to help manage asthma and allergies so hopefully things will get better.  We have also been extremely concerned because Luke hasn't done much growing in the last year, not in weight or in height...he is TINY.  The specialist said that his lack of oxygen might have contributed to his slowed growth, so now that we hopefully will have him breathing and feeling better overall we will see some growth!  Otherwise, Bowen is bound to catch him, because he is growing like a weed!

-Luke is stringing 2 and 3 word sentences together with mach speed! Now that he is feeling better he is having a ball and keeps us laughing almost constantly.  He can now do the Rock Chalk Chant...just in time for basketball season this week!  Luke loves to give "bumps" (knuckles) but he can't just give Drew or me a bump....if Drew gets a bump then Mom and Bo have to get a is a family affair! He is learning to dance like his daddy...not sure why we are teaching him the Drew Keller signature move...most of you know the one I am talking about.

-Luke looks pretty darn cute in his Halloween costume, the trick will be convincing him to keep it on for more than 3 minute increments!

-All three guys got haircuts today at the Men's Salon by our house!  Bowen had a major mullet and his hair completely covered his just like Luke he had his first "big boy" haircut at just under 4 months!  He was a rock star!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Three years ago (tomorrow) we were receiving devastating news in the ER at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Dougie Houser MD, with the worst bedside manner of all time, was callously breaking the news that our pregnancy was over, that I had an ectopic pregnancy, that my fallopian tube had (allegedly) ruptured, that I would need emergency surgery within the hour to stop the bleeding and that I may never be able to have a child. was a lot to take in.  What was worse, our parents didn't even know we were expecting, and Drew had to call to tell them I had been pregnant, was in the ER and heading to surgery.  Double Whoa.

I was devastated in more ways than one, and over the next three months while my body healed I never stopped fearing the worst;  that our dreams of having biological children might never come true and it would be all my body's fault.

Flash forward three years...nothing short of a miracle to two beautiful baby boys.
Yeah, I know its not the cutest picture...we've been too busy to capture 2 kids looking great at the same time!

If only I could have seen these days three years ago, it might have spared me countless worries and tears.  But, I don't think I would be the mom I am now without those moments, we wouldn't be the couple we are today and maybe I wouldn't appreciate the beautiful moments of pregnancy and parenthood like I do today.  It is all a miracle, every amazing, tiring,  challenging, yet heart melting moment.  I will always be grateful that I was blessed with these moments with our babies.  I cherish them, we are blessed.  I feel like the luckiest woman alive.  There is nothing in the world that compares to the absolute love and devotion I feel for our boys.

This "anniversary" comes as a good reminder of how blessed we are after a challenging weekend.  Our poor Luke is struggling with his breathing again.  Yesterday afternoon he started struggling and after several hours at home trying to get things under control with his inhalers we finally had to take him to Children's Mercy last night.  The little man was so strong and such a trooper, but he went through a lot, a deep suction treatment (horrible to watch), several breathing treatments, a steroid treatment, a chest x ray, an IV with antibiotics (watching that get placed was even harder than the deep suction), and then finally an admit overnight.  We got home today around 1pm and we are all pretty wiped out...well at least when Luke isn't jazzed up on all his medicine and running around like a crazy person!  I was very proud of how tough he was and he had the nurses laughing in hysterics this morning at 1am!  And such a sweetie pie, when he woke up this morning in the hospital bed, his first question..."Where's Bo?"  I pray that we can get this under control and that we don't ever have to spend another night at Childrens.  Hopefully, we get better at recognizing the signs and getting his asthma under control more quickly.  We are also praying that Bowen doesn't end up with RSV now from Luke's illness and we don't have Bo heading to Children's as well.  Not good timing, right before I head back to work this week.  Hopefully tomorrow is a healing day around here and I can head to work Tuesday feeling confident in the boys health.

Both boys are now fast asleep, I pray they wake up stronger, healthier, and still sweet as ever!

Friday, October 21, 2011


You know you have a toddler when...

This past week Luke noticed the cow on the outside of the milk carton, and of course said with enthusiasm "Mooo."  He then of course asked me "why?"  So I explained that milk comes from cows.  He replied "oh."  This conversation has repeated every time we pour his milk.

This morning I was pumping, you can probably guess where this is going.  Let me first say that Luke is a little too obsessed with the pump, almost uncomfortably so...he can assemble it, likes to be the one to turn it on and off for me and even has held it up to himself and pretended to pump...seriously kid?  Anyway, this morning he pointed to the pump and said "Pump! Milk!" and then he got a very confused look on his face and pointed at me and said "Mooooo?"

Well, if I didn't already feel like a cow these past 4 months I most certainly do now that my son has equated me to a cow!  But pretty funny.

The kid IS pretty funny, and Bo really thinks so... you never have a video rolling when you want it, so I missed the big belly laughs the first time around but here is just a little taste of Bo giggling at his "hilarious" big brother.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


That's the sounds of Luke's language capabilities EXPLODING!  Wow, I heard that it would happen fast, when it happened....we feel like we have been waiting FOREVER for this, but it is finally coming together!

As cool as it is to watch, it's also a little typical day with Luke...What's this?, What''s that?, Where's (fill in the blank...any person he knows, kids at daycare, favorite toy of the moment, whichever "guy" he is looking for-our "guys" are very important these days (you know like the dump truck driver, the firetruck driver, Lego people).  Oh and don't let me forget the dreaded "Why?"

Normal conversation from the moment of waking:

L: "Where's Bo?"
Me: "He's still sleeping."
L: "Oh, bed, shhhh!"
L: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "In the shower"
L: "Oh, what's this?"
Me: "A flower called a geranium"
L: "Oh cool, geranium"

5 minutes later....

L: "Where's Daddy"
Me: "He's at work"
L: "Oh, why?"
Me: "uhh"...(that's kind of hard to explain)...."mommies and daddies work to earn money"
L: "oh, why?"

5 minutes later....

L: "Geranium" sniff, sniff (pretending to smell the flower)
L:  "Dora?  Where's Boots?  Map?...."
Me: "No TV right now"
L: "Ok mama. Where's guy?"
Me:  "How about some lunch"

After taking his first bite:

L: "Mmmm, Good!  More, please" (Although many times it is also "YUCK!, All Done, cookie?")

Rest of day...

Pointing at every object in the house asking what it is called and repeating it...and the kid's memory, it amazes me.  I don't know how he does it!

Last night Drew and I both agreed that even in the last 3 days his language has doubled.  Just last week I told Drew I was concerned that Luke wasn't putting more phrases together and was still just using single words...I am hopeful that the next few months bring a lot more communication!  It is so much fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gonna Miss These Guys....

After five months, next week it is time to go back to work...FIVE months, that's a long time.  It's been amazing...I've gotten not only to enjoy the summer and gorgeous fall, but most importantly spend extra time loving and playing with my "willful" but adorable Luke, birth a second baby boy (a precious, sweet, perfect baby in my completely unbiased opinion), bond with said perfect baby, enjoy watching my boys get to know one another and spark what hopefully will be a lifelong friendship, and have overcome obstacles to become a stronger mama and person overall.

It is a bittersweet feeling, returning to work.  I don't think I am cut out to stay at home full time, but I also don't feel like I am really cut out to work full time and be a mom.  That's a hard spot to be in. But, alas, full time work it is right now.  Thankfully, for the next two months I get to work part time, 3 days a week and don't have to face full time work until the week of January 1.

It's hard to pass the reigns off to someone else with Bowen.  I know that little man inside and out and his bright smiles make my day in an instant.  I am confident though that he will do great at daycare and I love that he and Luke will be together, but I will certainly miss them.

I adore the little men in my life and I am so blessed to be their mama!  Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past 5 months!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last week my best friend Ashlee and her sweet 4 month old Patrick braved the solo parent 2 flight trip from Birmingham to Kansas City to spend 4 days with Luke, Bowen and me!  They are both total troopers, especially considering they missed their connecting flight in Atlanta on the way home and her husband had to pick them up and drive them the two hours home to Birmingham because there were no more flights to Birmingham on Sunday night!

Drew was out of town for the weekend and it was so nice to have Ashlee here with us (I definitely needed a little adult time...I have a ton of respect for all the single parents out!  We were so excited to meet Patrick, or as Luke has sweetly called him, Pappy.  I have a feeling that nickname might stick for us!  Pappy is just the happiest little guy, full of smiles and giggles.  We managed to pack in a lot in 4 days considering we were entertaining 3 babies!

Thanks Ashlee for spending the weekend with us and giving me some sanity!  Can't wait to watch Luke, Bowen and Pappy take on the world!  Love these boys!

Just met, and already holding hands!  Best friends in the making!

It was a full house in my back seat with 3 car seats!

Several of our college girl friends joined us throughout the Luke lets Charlie taste his that we all have such cute boys!

Although blurry of Pappy, I love this picture of him grabbing Bo's hair-both of their expressions are priceless!  

Both boys have found their fascinating!

I brought out the exerscaucer for Pappy, so, of course, Luke had to partake again! That is his new, not so cute, smile when we get out a camera these days!

This is actually from this morning...Luke insisted on tucking Elmo in for "night night"  binkie, blankie and all!

Pappy and Bo, already best buds, chatting up a storm together!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We learned a new word today, pum-kin!!! We spent the morning at the Pumpkin Patch, another gorgeous fall morning.  Luke still really isn't at the point where he is stoked to pick out his own pumpkin...but we checked out the petting zoo, played in a maze, contemplated riding a pony before Luke decided against it, took a hayride, took a ride on a little "choo-choo!", watched some pumpkins get launched in to a lake and listened to some music while enjoying BBQ, corn on the cob and apple cider slushies!

It was a great fall morning, minus the fact that our Nikon stopped was a picture perfect day, literally, but we only have a few cell phone pics for documentation.  Little Bowen was a trooper through the whole morning, but definitely was exhausted and slept for almost 4 hours when we got home!

We are ready for Fall and Halloween now, we have our pum-kins and Luke's Halloween costume has been ordered!

Thank Goodness we had Luke to push the wagon!

The kid loves corn...he tries to eat it in his fake food set every night while I cook dinner!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Three Months Old and A Super Fan!

Today was a big day...our marriage is 6 years old, our baby is 3 months old and Luke is a KU super fan (at least there is still one out there after the last few weeks)!

Honestly, I didn't take much time to get a cute 3 month shot of Bo today (thank goodness for cell phone cameras), we had other things going on. I will tell you that this kid is a ROCK STAR...seriously, I am so impressed with him!  He is so easy I almost feel guilty!  He smiles with his whole face, though I haven't quite captured any of those on camera because I am way too engrossed in enjoying the smile than in capturing it.  He sleeps like a dream....12 hours at night without a peep and as of this week 3 naps...1.5 hours in the morning, 2.5 in the afternoon, and about 45 minutes in the evening, pretty textbook.  He is growing and thriving, tipping the scales today at 14lbs!  We all adore him, and it is easy to tell that he already idolizes his big brother...he stares at him with complete and total adoration!

The joys of being a little brother!
We spent the day at KU and the weather was gorgeous, the boys were great and Luke had a blast!  He just lights up in the games, we definitely have an extrovert on our hands!  It is way more fun to watch him than the Jayhawks!  I am daily amazed at the words he picks up and how aware he is of his surroundings!

Luke loved his flag today!

Poor Bowen, such a trooper, slept in the Ergo for the first quarter and then wanted to be a part of the was so sunny though and hard to keep him shaded!  I think he was thinking "what are these crazy people making me do now?"

And he's out...passed out before we even left the parking lot!  The ultimate Super Fan!