Sunday, October 23, 2011


Three years ago (tomorrow) we were receiving devastating news in the ER at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Dougie Houser MD, with the worst bedside manner of all time, was callously breaking the news that our pregnancy was over, that I had an ectopic pregnancy, that my fallopian tube had (allegedly) ruptured, that I would need emergency surgery within the hour to stop the bleeding and that I may never be able to have a child. was a lot to take in.  What was worse, our parents didn't even know we were expecting, and Drew had to call to tell them I had been pregnant, was in the ER and heading to surgery.  Double Whoa.

I was devastated in more ways than one, and over the next three months while my body healed I never stopped fearing the worst;  that our dreams of having biological children might never come true and it would be all my body's fault.

Flash forward three years...nothing short of a miracle to two beautiful baby boys.
Yeah, I know its not the cutest picture...we've been too busy to capture 2 kids looking great at the same time!

If only I could have seen these days three years ago, it might have spared me countless worries and tears.  But, I don't think I would be the mom I am now without those moments, we wouldn't be the couple we are today and maybe I wouldn't appreciate the beautiful moments of pregnancy and parenthood like I do today.  It is all a miracle, every amazing, tiring,  challenging, yet heart melting moment.  I will always be grateful that I was blessed with these moments with our babies.  I cherish them, we are blessed.  I feel like the luckiest woman alive.  There is nothing in the world that compares to the absolute love and devotion I feel for our boys.

This "anniversary" comes as a good reminder of how blessed we are after a challenging weekend.  Our poor Luke is struggling with his breathing again.  Yesterday afternoon he started struggling and after several hours at home trying to get things under control with his inhalers we finally had to take him to Children's Mercy last night.  The little man was so strong and such a trooper, but he went through a lot, a deep suction treatment (horrible to watch), several breathing treatments, a steroid treatment, a chest x ray, an IV with antibiotics (watching that get placed was even harder than the deep suction), and then finally an admit overnight.  We got home today around 1pm and we are all pretty wiped out...well at least when Luke isn't jazzed up on all his medicine and running around like a crazy person!  I was very proud of how tough he was and he had the nurses laughing in hysterics this morning at 1am!  And such a sweetie pie, when he woke up this morning in the hospital bed, his first question..."Where's Bo?"  I pray that we can get this under control and that we don't ever have to spend another night at Childrens.  Hopefully, we get better at recognizing the signs and getting his asthma under control more quickly.  We are also praying that Bowen doesn't end up with RSV now from Luke's illness and we don't have Bo heading to Children's as well.  Not good timing, right before I head back to work this week.  Hopefully tomorrow is a healing day around here and I can head to work Tuesday feeling confident in the boys health.

Both boys are now fast asleep, I pray they wake up stronger, healthier, and still sweet as ever!


  1. Love this post.
    I'll never forget waking up to that text message from Drew. It's amazing the journey life takes us on and the lessons we learn... and how much more precious life is because of it.
    Love you guys and those precious boys=)

  2. What blessings. Sometimes it's hard to understand what God throws at us, though, isn't it? Praying for health and happiness for you guys!