Saturday, October 29, 2011

In the Words of Our Dear Friend Dora...

We did it!!!

We made it through the long week!  Lots and lots happened this week, almost too much to post about...

-Mom went back to work and Bowen went to daycare (he did awesome and fell right into pace with us!)  The week went really well, but we are B-U-S-Y!!!!

-Bowen started rolling from his back to his front, he is one determined little fellow...he started wanting to roll on Thursday and had perfected it by this afternoon! He is bound and determined to keep up with Luke! He loves to stand and even tries to move his foot forward in a stepping motion!

-Luke had his appointment with the allergist and asthma specialist.  He for sure has asthma and also is allergic to dust (great) and peanuts.  Not fun, but at least we now know and can avoid triggers.  He is also on 3 medications daily to help manage asthma and allergies so hopefully things will get better.  We have also been extremely concerned because Luke hasn't done much growing in the last year, not in weight or in height...he is TINY.  The specialist said that his lack of oxygen might have contributed to his slowed growth, so now that we hopefully will have him breathing and feeling better overall we will see some growth!  Otherwise, Bowen is bound to catch him, because he is growing like a weed!

-Luke is stringing 2 and 3 word sentences together with mach speed! Now that he is feeling better he is having a ball and keeps us laughing almost constantly.  He can now do the Rock Chalk Chant...just in time for basketball season this week!  Luke loves to give "bumps" (knuckles) but he can't just give Drew or me a bump....if Drew gets a bump then Mom and Bo have to get a is a family affair! He is learning to dance like his daddy...not sure why we are teaching him the Drew Keller signature move...most of you know the one I am talking about.

-Luke looks pretty darn cute in his Halloween costume, the trick will be convincing him to keep it on for more than 3 minute increments!

-All three guys got haircuts today at the Men's Salon by our house!  Bowen had a major mullet and his hair completely covered his just like Luke he had his first "big boy" haircut at just under 4 months!  He was a rock star!


  1. Your sons are so beautiful! Glad you made it through the week. Lend me some prayers...I return tomorrow. :)

  2. I don't know about y'all, but it looks like Bowen might be sporting Peter's favorite hair style!!!