Friday, October 21, 2011


You know you have a toddler when...

This past week Luke noticed the cow on the outside of the milk carton, and of course said with enthusiasm "Mooo."  He then of course asked me "why?"  So I explained that milk comes from cows.  He replied "oh."  This conversation has repeated every time we pour his milk.

This morning I was pumping, you can probably guess where this is going.  Let me first say that Luke is a little too obsessed with the pump, almost uncomfortably so...he can assemble it, likes to be the one to turn it on and off for me and even has held it up to himself and pretended to pump...seriously kid?  Anyway, this morning he pointed to the pump and said "Pump! Milk!" and then he got a very confused look on his face and pointed at me and said "Mooooo?"

Well, if I didn't already feel like a cow these past 4 months I most certainly do now that my son has equated me to a cow!  But pretty funny.

The kid IS pretty funny, and Bo really thinks so... you never have a video rolling when you want it, so I missed the big belly laughs the first time around but here is just a little taste of Bo giggling at his "hilarious" big brother.


  1. love this post... HILARIOUS about the pump... my friends little boy calls her breast pump the milk machine.... maybe that's where Luke is going with this :)

  2. I am laughing till I am crying! I was wondering how long it would be till he got the connection! Good thing he will forget it by the time he is a teenager!!

  3. bwahahaha! I'm cracking up! Love that kid! thanks for the early morning laugh!!