Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last week my best friend Ashlee and her sweet 4 month old Patrick braved the solo parent 2 flight trip from Birmingham to Kansas City to spend 4 days with Luke, Bowen and me!  They are both total troopers, especially considering they missed their connecting flight in Atlanta on the way home and her husband had to pick them up and drive them the two hours home to Birmingham because there were no more flights to Birmingham on Sunday night!

Drew was out of town for the weekend and it was so nice to have Ashlee here with us (I definitely needed a little adult time...I have a ton of respect for all the single parents out!  We were so excited to meet Patrick, or as Luke has sweetly called him, Pappy.  I have a feeling that nickname might stick for us!  Pappy is just the happiest little guy, full of smiles and giggles.  We managed to pack in a lot in 4 days considering we were entertaining 3 babies!

Thanks Ashlee for spending the weekend with us and giving me some sanity!  Can't wait to watch Luke, Bowen and Pappy take on the world!  Love these boys!

Just met, and already holding hands!  Best friends in the making!

It was a full house in my back seat with 3 car seats!

Several of our college girl friends joined us throughout the Luke lets Charlie taste his that we all have such cute boys!

Although blurry of Pappy, I love this picture of him grabbing Bo's hair-both of their expressions are priceless!  

Both boys have found their fascinating!

I brought out the exerscaucer for Pappy, so, of course, Luke had to partake again! That is his new, not so cute, smile when we get out a camera these days!

This is actually from this morning...Luke insisted on tucking Elmo in for "night night"  binkie, blankie and all!

Pappy and Bo, already best buds, chatting up a storm together!

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