Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twick o Tweet!

I must admit...I have never been much of a fan of Halloween.  I'm not creative enough to devise good costumes, I'm not in to dressing up, and usually I try to avoid Halloween parties.  I know party pooper. So I knew when I had kids I would have to really work at getting in to Halloween.  Last year didn't help things much...Luke was pretty pitiful through all of Halloween, so this year I had low expectations.  The first time we tried Luke's costume on him, he broke down and cried....the next time, he made it about 3 minutes, so we figured when Halloween rolled around, we wouldn't have much of a trick or treater again.  I didn't even bother getting a costume for Bowen, I know I'm a terrible mommy, baby's first Halloween and I did nothing.

Well, little Luke amazed us this year.  In typical Luke fashion, he took it in slowly and soaked it all in very quietly and then went full steam ahead.  Sunday night we went to my dad's church for Trunk or Treat...Luke refused to wear his mask or carry his shield, kept saying "off" and pulling on his costume, held Drew's hand with a death grip, and cried when he saw a man in a gorilla costume.  BUT, he wore the costume for about 45 minutes.

Monday, we joined our friends, The Goods, for Luke and Campbell's Halloween Part 2 at the Village Shops.  Not only did Luke wear the mask and carry his shield (part of the time), but he also was TOTALLY in to trick treating...he was pretty assertive in getting his candy (and in eating it!).  He was like a completely different kid and it was so fun to watch now I am a total sucker for Halloween because he loved it so much!  I love seeing him happy and enjoying if that means I have to decorate the house in orange and black every October and dress up myself, I will do it!  And, sweet little Bowen, you will get a costume next year my dear, even if you aren't totally ready to enjoy Halloween yet!

The video below is of Luke trying on his costume last Friday, excuse how loud I am, we were really trying to get him excited so he would want to wear it!  What I love is that he is watching himself in the mirror!

A special thanks to Bethany Good for many of the pictures below!
Captain America!

Getting ready to hit the shops!

These two pushed the wagon all over the Village!

The "Nerds" candy slowed him down a little bit....

Still pushing....

This picture just screams Halloween...does it get any better?  Candy in both hands,  and all over  her face and costume!

Mom, can I have another?

Sweet costume, but he got to snuggle with mama in the Ergo, so I think he was happy!

The strong face!  Luke's signature face!

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  1. These are precious! The pic of Bowen in the carrier is amazing! Did Luke really say, "Twick o tweat"?? That may be the cutest thing ever...