Monday, November 14, 2011


My sweet baby Luke, I can't believe you are already TWO!  What a remarkable year you have had!  I thought nothing could beat your first year, but I was mistaken!  This year you have learned to walk, run, kick, and (kind of) jump (who says both feet have to leave the ground at the same time!).  You have learned to talk...a mile a minute...from complete jibberish to adamantly telling your brother today "No Bo.  That's MY choo choo!" You have grown a whole set of opinions and ideas about the way things should be...from the way your food is organized on your plate, how many napkins you get at meals, if your cars are arranged in YOUR particular order, how many chap sticks you can hoard from mom and dad and so many other funny little things that make you LUKE!  We have learned about the things you really like-music, choo choos, Elmo, cars, Dora and Legos.  It is a joy to watch you explore the world and watch what excites you! You have grown in to such a kind and sweet boy, who always asks me "why cry" when you hear someone upset.  You hold my hand and your brothers hand, you freely give hugs and kisses, and you love your brother in a way that melts my heart.  This year you also became a brother and I'm just certain you gained a life long friend!  Never in my life have I felt more proud than when I watch you!

I know they say that two can be tough...but I can't wait to see what this year brings!  I love you little man!

Now on to your birthday celebration!

We had a few friends over for a Choo Choo Pizza party to celebrate Luke this year!  When Luke saw his gifts wrapped the morning of his birthday in Thomas the Train paper he immediately just tore into one!  He definitely understood opening presents this year (makes me REALLY excited for Christmas!)

He was overly spoiled...I don't know where we are going to put all the things we are going to accumulate over the next few years...or what on earth we will be able to buy for Bowen that Luke doesn't already have!

It was fun to watch Luke take it all in.  I don't think he fully "got" it, but he definitely knew that the day was about him!  It was so cute to watch him while we were singing Happy Birthday to him...he got kind of a shy, but proud look on his face!  We probably should have practiced blowing out the candle a little more because he actually ATE the flame!  Luckily, daddy was blowing too and so he just felt a little heat, no tears, just kind of a surprised look on his face!

Everyone is singing for ME!

Luke's Choo Choo Cake!

When he woke up from nap time, his cake was on the table, he climbed right up on the table and was very irritated that he couldn't eat it! Rookie move by mom having the cake out!  

Luke and his sweet little friends!

Want to see pure joy in toddler?...bring a GIANT Mickey Balloon!  Thanks Pete and Linds! So fun!  Unfortunately, after much hard play Luke managed to decapitate Mickey and now his large head is at the top of our vaulted ceiling looking down on us, for weeks, until the helium runs out!

Right before he ATE the flame!

Terrible family pic...but it was the best of the batch!  Getting a family picture these days can be challenging!

We had a blast celebrating our little man!

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