Friday, December 30, 2011


There's a lot to catch up on since the last post...Christmas, Tia Juana's (Aunt Jenny) ski wedding in Vermont...honestly I haven't even uploaded the pictures from either...but we have been having a blast this last week being home with our little guys (minus our 48 hour trip to Vermont sans kiddos...wonderful in other ways!).  The boys are interacting so much more...playing together, laughing together, stealing toys from one another...I think Bo's first word might be "MINE" because it is all he hears Luke, aka Bowen's idol, say.

So while I wait to post on the bigger events, here is a snap shot into our boy's budding friendship! (sorry for the poor quality phone camera pics!)

As is readily apparent...pretty much anything Luke does, as mundane as it may be or even if it slightly harms Bowen, he still finds Luke hilarious!

Sometimes, just because, we eat ice cream and watch movies on the coffee table...little brother closely takes in the bad behavior.

Luke might steal his toys, but Bo is getting even by stealing Luke's pants!

Bo being indoctrinated into the world of trains...

Shhhh Bowen! Little Bo is VERY vocal these days!

Loves to give kisses

Now that he can stand, Luke likes to show Bowen how to use all his old toys!

Finally!  I have Luke's cars all to myself!


  1. Seriously - this makes my heart smile. Love those two little guys.
    PS : I still can't believe he is STANDING. Look out. LOOK OUT.

  2. Glad you guys had a good holiday vacation! Your boys are a riot. Love love love Bo's laugh in that video! What a sweet belly laugh!