Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Months Going on Two Years!

We have ourselves a little mover and shaker!  Little Bowen has yet to catch on that he is five months old and not 2 like his big brother!  He desperately wants to keep up and if Luke doesn't watch out Bowen is gonna catch him in no time!  Bowen rolls across the room to get to places and toys, grabs Luke's toys (which usually incites a bop on the head from Luke and a "No Bo, that's my toy!"), he can sit up on his own and look Luke in the eye, he has started scooting a little, mostly in a circle still but he is trying SO HARD to move forward...and he gets MAD that he can't quite get it yet!  He is so determined it is almost scary!

The boys are really interacting and it is a blast to watch them enjoy each other so much!  We love our little men!

What are you doing in my chair?

Mom tried some cereal...we will wait another month!

Planning their day...serious chat!

Seriously...very if Bowen can support Luke...Luke's face is a blur because he saw me coming and knew he better move!

Another planning session....

Free rides in the tonka truck...what a life!

We can both sit facing forward now!  How fun is this?

Luke showing Bo how cool Dora is....

Playmates for life!
Bowen is the happiest baby on the doubt, my parents have nicknamed him Mr. Sunshine and it is very appropriate!  We love this little man so much!  He is a sweetie pie!

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  1. 5 months?! How is that possible! such precious boys... very very cute!!