Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Photo Op

We skipped Santa last year...after Luke screamed and sobbed when he saw a large man with a beard at a KU tailgate we just knew it wasn't worth it!  So this year, I felt like it was our duty to try Santa (read: Mom wanted a photo of Luke with Santa regardless of his thoughts!).

We started after Thanksgiving by decorating the house with Santa, watching Dora's Christmas Carol, reading Christmas books, watching the Polar Express...and when Luke started recognizing Santa I thought we might just pull it off!

We headed out after work last Thursday evening with our friends the Goods to the Brookside Dime Store...such a cute store...to see a FREE, sweet, clean Santa with NO line!  Right up my alley, I just can't justify waiting hours to see Santa and then paying someone to take a picture of my screaming child!

When we stepped in the store and Luke first saw Santa his eyes lit up and he sweetly stared at Santa and said "Hi Santa!" and proceeded to show Santa the train in the window...I thought to myself, YES!, my toddler is going to sit on Santa's lap and LOVE it!

Not so much!  Bo and Santa...BFF's, Luke and Santa...maybe next year!  Poor Santa and poor Luke!  But, pretty darn funny, and it made for a great photo op!  Special thanks to Bethany Good for most of the below photos.

Still excited...

Checking each other out...

No big deal mom...this guy seems nice...

You want me to sit where?

This will be the picture that we pull out in 20 years....

Trains are much better than Santa

Santa's little helper...so happy!

Next year maybe Luke will be ready...but by then Bo will have entered the fear of Santa phase!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. It is the beard thing. Mine is gone now so hopefully I won't scare him anymore. Great pics. Bo is loving life huh? Luke's "still excited picture" is pretty cute. Those Keller boys sure are handsome!