Friday, December 9, 2011


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Drew's family in North Carolina!  When we planned this trip in August, I was pretty tentative.  I envisioned long lay overs, cancelled flights, a whiny toddler and a screaming baby...but we definitely wanted to catch up with Drew's family that we hadn't seen since before the kids were born.  So we decided to take the risk, and we are so glad that we did!  The kids rocked all three flights, despite getting colds!

We spent part of the week in Charlotte with Drew's cousin's family.  They have FOUR kids...ages 6 and under (holy lord they are saints) and their youngest two are Luke and Bowen's ages exactly (birthdays just a couple weeks apart).  It was so fun to see them and watch the kids interact and we were SO impressed with how well they manage such a busy household, we learned a lot!  The second half of the week we spent in Greensboro at another cousin's house with Drew's entire family!  We had so much fun and they were so gracious to host us all!  We wish we all lived closer!

Drew managing 3 ages 2 and the look on his face!

Jenny and Roger...these two are so cute and in love it almost makes you wanna puke! :)  Just kidding!  So excited for their wedding in a few weeks!

The whole family....ages 88 to 4.5months....including 8 kids!

Grab a baby any baby...doesn't matter whose it is!

Nana with Bowen

Luke and Brooks...instant buddies, just 2 weeks apart in age! We are honored to be Brook's godparents!

Stay on your side!

Luke and friends and best enemies all in one, just 3 weeks apart in age!  We thought with the leaves we had finally found a toy they couldn't yell "mine" at one another about...but ultimately they each laid claim over a particular leaf pile!  These two were hilarious to watch!  

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  1. SO sweet!! Looks like you guys had a blast! Love those pics of those boys in the leaves!