Thursday, January 5, 2012


If I could choose just one word to describe Kiss-Mas (aka Christmas) at the Keller house this year it would be....wait for it...TRAINS! Holy moly, I never thought I would know so much about trains (I'm just grateful its trains right now and not dinosaurs...that is my biggest fear!-mark my words!)!  Luke now has train shirts, books, a train table, a remote control train, lego trains, train videos, don't forget all the Thomas and Friends trains, oh and I am pretty sure we watched parts of the Polar Express everyday for 3 weeks...the songs haunt me in my dreams...I'm certain I am missing something, but is a train party over here!

In all seriousness though, this was the best Christmas yet.  Drew and I were both off of work for 12 days, the weather was amazing, the kids were healthy, we ate well, slept well, and just loved on our boys.  We had so much fun and although I say it with every post, every day it just gets more and more fun with these two boys.  They bring us so much joy, laughter and love!

There were maybe 3 million pictures taken between Christmas Eve, morning and day...some of them are pretty darn cute, to me, but for the most part they are of a toddler opening everyone's I will spare you....from most of them! :)  Just know that we had a blast...Luke busted down the stairs Christmas morning and was excited to open his presents, Bo's presents and everything else in between!  When asked what Santa brought him he very sweetly tells people "presents!"

Not sure what all the excitement is about, but I'm having fun!

The best we could get this year of me and my two boys!

Love to throw!

Best and worst gift...a remote control Thomas train....Luke is obsessed (best) but also gets the train hung up on everything throughout the house and yells "Stop it Thomas!" every time he wants to stop the train or switch directions (worst!)

Future golfer!

Best we could get Christmas Eve...

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  1. Love the family pics...especially the one with your parents. Great memories to have! I don't which is worse, your train house or my princess house. Sigh. ;)