Monday, February 6, 2012

Giving Back and Unplugging in 2012

I have been a terrible blogger recently...I have to be honest, I haven't minded much!  I feel like we have been crazy busy, but I couldn't really tell you what all we have been doing!  I am working on reprioritizing my time. I have never really been one for New Year's resolutions...I have always thought, if you want to do something different just do don't need the calendar to tell you to change.  BUT, this year, there are a few things I want to do differently.  One is to give back and the second is to unplug.

Giving Back:  We have been so abundantly blessed these last few years.  We have two healthy, happy, well adjusted kids....they smile and laugh, hug, snuggle and explore.  They are a parent's dream.  I look at them and I am in complete and total awe that Drew and I created them and I just want to absorb every moment with them to my fullest.  Drew and I are both blessed with wonderful families, great careers, a warm home and more than we certainly need.  So, this year, in recognition of our blessings, I would like to find ways to honor the giver and give back.  I want our children to be thankful and grateful for what they have and learn to serve others.  Finding ways to do that with a baby and toddler is the tricky part, so if any one has any great suggestions, my ears are open!  This year we are making the time to do this!

Unplugging:  The fact that Luke can work an iPhone, IPad, Blackberry and a remote disturbs me.  Watching Bowen already reaching toward my phone further confirms that Drew and I (more so me) are completely and totally obsessed with our devices, and our kids mimic us.  So, I am trying to unplug...why on earth I find it necessary to look at Facebook is beyond me...99.9% of the information there is meaningless and irritating to me...yet I constantly hit the app on my I am slowly but certainly detaching from Facebook, I don't plan to join pinterest, start posting photos on every possible site for doing so or reading any more blogs...I have a handful that I thoroughly enjoy and I will keep those, but for the most part I am cutting back on all social networking etc.  When I find the urge to grab my phone, I am going to grab my kids, because I certainly don't get enough time with them.  When I want to catch up on a friend's life, I am going to call them, not look at their Facebook page.  That leads me to the blog...I want to continue to keep up with the big moments because I want to be able to look back and remember all these moments....right now things are already blurring together in the craziness of life...but I don't want to feel like I HAVE to post or take a picture etc. I want to just play with my kids in the yard and see them with both my eyes and through the eyes of a toddler, not through a lens of a camera.

I didn't take a 6 month shot of sweet Bowen, but I can tell you he is sweeter and cuter with each passing day.  He is happy, determined, inquisitive and adores his big brother.  He is growing like a weed and last week weighed in at almost 19lbs!  He has yet to meet a vegetable or a fruit he doesn't like!  I didn't get a 7 month picture either because we were all sick as dogs with this respiratory junk that has been going around like crazy.  Bowen rolls and army crawls to get to things he wants...last week he was stealing Luke's toys and pulling on his leg and Luke kept yelling "Mommy, Bo let go!!!, Stop it Bo!, Mommy Stop Bo!"  I let Luke know that the honeymoon period of having a little brother was over and from this point forward it was game on!  Nothing is sacred anymore!  We have been thinking that official crawling is just around the corner for well over a month, as Bo has been rocking away on all fours, but so far we are still scooting.  I am quickly realizing how challenging having a baby on the move is when big brother's toys are so small and can easily be swallowed...we are all trying to adjust to Bowen's mobility!

Luke never stops talking, ever.  He is starting to enjoy singing and especially loves the Hot Dog Song!  This week we survived a respiratory illness without having breathing problems which was such a didn't stop my complete and total paranoia about it occurring, but we are hopefully continuing to move in a positive direction!  Luke repeatedly counts to 20 and we are working on learning more colors other than Blue and Yellow! We know the names of other colors, but pretty much think everything is Blue or Yellow at this point.  Luke is still completely and totally obsessed with trains, he has three train shirts which he asks to wear!  I never thought I would be the mom to do laundry to appease my child's demands but after three days I get worried that a meltdown might occur if we don't have a clean train shirt!

We are totally exhausted but loving watching our boys grow!

Giggling...double chin and all! Looks like we've outgrown our Jayhawk shirt!

These two are almost impossible to catch smiling and looking the same direction at the same time! 

Little chunk last month prepping for his first veggies and fruits!

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  1. Woah, look at those baby blues! Bo is getting so big! Adorable like his big bro ;)