Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I had one of my favorite parenting moments to date!  I had the honor of taking Luke to his very first KU game!  Drew is out of town this weekend and I thought I would need to sell our tickets, but then I realized I should get a babysitter for Bo and relish in the opportunity to have my first baby boy all to myself and to share something with him that I love!

I absolutely LOVED my four years in Lawrence, KS, it is a such a special place to me, the place where I really learned who I was, started to grow up and met some of the greatest friends in the world.  There is no place better to watch college hoops than Allen Fieldhouse, and that's not just my opinion, google greatest sporting venues and it is at the top of the list regardless of the sport,  professional or college....the place is amazingly awesome.  So, to be the one to first take Luke there was extra special to me.

He has been obsessed with the Jayhawk and the fight song for awhile, check out this video from last month...he constantly asks Drew and I to cue the song up on our phones in the evenings and on the way home from daycare in the car!

The moment we entered the Fieldhouse and he heard the band he started to giggle and started yelling "Mommy, Jay, Jay, Jay!" He could not stop laughing, it was adorable and made me feel like I was seeing the Fieldhouse for the first time myself!

When we got to our seats he couldn't stop pointing out all the Jayhawks around the building.  He was just in awe.

Then when it was time to sing the Alma Mater and the Rock Chalk Chant he was so excited to watch the students, it actually surprised me but I got a little emotional during the Alma Mater holding Luke and taking in the scene around us, it was two of my worlds merging in to one and it made me so happy!  I know it is so sappy, but it was just such a special moment for me!

He loved the opening video, it was a good little history lesson for him! :)

When the game started he kept yelling "Dunk it, Daddy, Dunk It!"  He yells that when Drew and  him "dunk" on his mini basketball goal and so to him Dunk it and Daddy just go together!  It was super sweet!

We had a wonderful day!
He was so excited to wear his shirt!

That is the look he had on his face the entire time, melts my heart!

He giggled like this almost the whole time!

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  1. This is awesome! I'm so glad you and Luke got this special time together. I can't wait to take Lola (as a big girl, not a baby in the Bjorn) to her first game! :)