Monday, February 13, 2012


We finally got some of the white stuff!  I was afraid it wouldn't snow at all here this year and I was sad for Luke...but today we finally got just a little bit so were able to finally wear our boots, bundle up and play in the snow!

It was short lived, because it is cold, and Luke REFUSES to wear his gloves/mittens....but wants to throw snow balls and build a snow man...makes it a little challenging!  We had fun though!  I tried to teach him to do a snow angel, but he wasn't so sure about it quite yet...all in good time!  Maybe just maybe we will get more snow this year and we can go sledding!  Bo didn't care that it was cold or wet out...he kept going from sitting up to on his belly and rolling around!  He was very content with his face in the snow!...go figure!

Okay mom, I have rolled around and sat out here long enough...I'm ready for my dinner!

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