Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"I so happy!"

Things are happening so quickly around here that posting at all almost seems overwhelming not to mention that I rarely take any decent videos or photos with all my spare time!   :)

Here's a quick run down of our most recent events:

I now hold two equally important and challenging jobs at home: Mommy and Referee.  Our daily conversation usually sounds a bit like this:

L: No Bo!  That's mine!  Mommy Bo took my train!

M: Luke, you have 4000 trains, please let Bo play with one.

L: Bo, no touch it!  Mommy!  (insert throwing himself down on the floor and huge crocodile tears)

M: Luke, you need to share your toys.  Why don't you bring one of Bo's toys over for him to play with

L: Okay Mommy.  Here you go, Bo.  (Bo begins to play with said "baby" toy)

L: No, Bo, that's mine!

M: Luke you just gave that toy to Bo, play with your trains.

L:  No Bo, I put it up high, no touch it Bo, no touch it.

This conversation repeats at least 20 times a day!

Meanwhile, Bo is becoming VERY assertive and has little interest in baby toys.  He launches himself over baby toy obstacles, that Luke builds between his toys and Bo, with fierce eyes on what seems to be a mission to destroy Luke's trains, cars, towers, Lego's etc.

Bo is a FAST army crawler, in fact, I lose him at times he moves so quickly.  He is fearless and dives off couches and laughs as we catch him mid air.  He is taking the world by storm.  He has been clapping for about a month and loves when we all cheer for him!  He is still just as happy as can be, our little
sunshine.  Below is a video from about a month ago the first day he started to clap.

Luke is growing up far too fast!  I enrolled him for preschool in the fall.  He loves to count everything and point out shapes and colors that he sees all over town.  Today on the way home he pointed to the stop sign and said "Mommy look, an octagon!" I was so surprised I almost hit the stop sign!

He is learning all about emotions and talks about happy, sad, scared etc.  He thinks snakes and dinosaurs are VERY SCARY! (I'm secretly pretty happy that he isn't in to dinosaurs...yet).

Although we aren't officially potty training, we are using the potty at least once a day and talking and reading books about using the potty.  Tonight I thought we were really turning a corner because out of nowhere Luke stopped and said, "Mommy I go pee" so we went to the potty and he did great!  I was feeling a little too confident and proud I guess because not ten minutes later, while I was bathing Bo, Luke  marched into the bathroom and said "Mommy, look, uh-oh, nasty!" and he had two hand fulls of poop....so I guess we have a long way to go!

Always on each other's heals

Smoking ribs with Daddy

So Happy!

Little Rock Chalkers!

New favorite place to play together! Many nights they get in Bo's bed together now and play!

Happy 8 months!

Comforting little brother!
Sunday night when I was putting Luke to bed he kept asking for "one more kiss and one more hug."  He probably asked 20 times and then he just threw his arms around my neck and said "I so happy!" Me too little man, me too!

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  1. ahhhh so sweet=) love that last pic. The poop story - not so much... I mean seriously isn't there someone we could pay to potty train these kids?!