Thursday, May 3, 2012


Two babies, two massive dogs that destroy the grass chasing squirrels, spring time rain, big muddy paws, a doggy door, a tired full time working mommy...this is a LOSING combination!  After resodding a portion of a backyard the last few springs only to have the dogs destroy it over the winter and trek massive amounts of mud in to our home, we finally surrendered.  Last month we took out the landscaping and grass behind our deck and added a flag stone patio and fire pit.  Functionally, it was necessary to do something in that area that didn't involve grass.  Practically, we live on a busy corner and kids needed a place to ride trikes and scooters.  Realistically, we spend a lot of time at home now and needed to make our outside area more fun, not just for the kids but for mom and dad too! We have spent almost every evening and all weekend outside since it was finished and we are so happy we finally made a change!

We toasted the deck with a marsh mellow roast for S'mores a few weekends ago while my brother was here.  Last weekend, Drew and I pulled a TV out on the patio, built a fire and watched the Royals (lose) game.  We have grilled hot dogs over the open flame for dinner with Luke and just had a great time!  It's going to bring us years of fun and we hope to host little campouts in our backyard for the boys and their friends as the years go by.  

Pretty good Saturday night...Beers, Fire and Baseball!

Hot Dogs!

First Keller S'mores Night!

Hanging with Uncle Aaron

So GOOD!!!!


  1. I love it!!! Can't wait for our patio photo sesh!

  2. Hoves, this looks amazing! Wow! So much fun for family time! :)