Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long time no see....

It's been so long since I have written a post that I almost want to permanently throw in the towel on the entire thing....too much has happened to even begin to catch up.  We have had Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Bowen's first birthday and the Fourth of July and that just covers that holidays....never mind that Luke got a second set of tubes, Bowen got his first four teeth (finally), we are VERY close to having a walker (tonight Bowen took his first solo steps before face planting and laughing it off), we have had lots of fun lake days and time at the pool, we rode on Thomas the Train in Baldwin City, caught fire flies for the first time, mommy took a girls trip to Nashville, daddy had a boys escapade to the All Star Game and probably about eight million other things!

We are constantly hopping around here!  Luke is a chatter box, he never EVER stops talking.  He is in full blown 2 year old mode, with many demands, tears, tantrums, hugs, kisses and love.  His favorite thing to tell me each day "I love you mommy, I miss you"  He can't say I love you without throwing in I miss you.  For some reason he gets words with b's and s's switched up so he loves to "play in the hasement with his haseball and hasketball!"  According to Luke, he is a "super swimmer" and tonight he informed me he is "as big and strong as daddy, bigger than mommy and Bo!" We have had to start watching our toddler appropriate language much more carefully as Luke repeats EVERYTHING we say, and seems to have an affinity for inappropriate words...thus leading to him yelling "Dammit" when a firework went off during Bo's birthday party!  Not embarrassing for mom and dad at all, not at all! He has a love/hate relationship with Bo.  He doesn't like to share, he thinks all toys (including those Bo got for his birthday) are his, he bops Bo on the head when Bo interferes with whatever Luke is building, but as soon as Bo goes to bed he gets upset and says "I miss my Bo Bo!  I sleep with my brudder, I want my brudder, I love Bo and I miss Bo"  At the lake the boys share a room and Bo usually cries when we close the door at night, Luke sings to him though and Bo quiets right down, it is so sweet.  This past weekend Luke did not want to take a nap and over the monitor we could hear him yelling "Drew, Drew, where are you Daddy? Drew, Drew, Drew, my daddy Drew Color (he says Color instead of Keller) where are you?" Luke also moved to a big boy bed last month!  The first time we tried it the night ended with mommy reassembling the crib by herself...that might be where Luke learned the word dammit!  But the next morning Luke woke up and said "I ready to be a big boy tonight mommy, I sleep in big boy bed!" and a few nights later when we tried again it was a success! Luke also really like to take his clothes off right now...honestly, it doesn't bother me much, especially out at the lake and with how hot it has been, but a few weeks ago we had people over on the patio and I turned my back for a minute and the next thing I knew Luke had taken off his clothes and diaper and was loudly announcing to everyone "I pee in the mulch!" Classy.  Especially during dinner.

Bowen is doing fantastic.  He is bold, daring and fearless.  Last night I found him sitting in the middle of the coffee table drinking his cup of milk.  He desperately wants to keep up with Luke.  He is trying so hard to stand up on his own from a seated position....he tries, and tries endlessly, laughing each time he falls down.  He still believes that Luke hung the moon, but he also is quite the fighter.  Drew witnessed the boys fighting over the iPad the other morning and Bo was boxing Luke out and definitely was in control of the situation!  He has MAJOR separation anxiety, not for daycare, but if we walk more than 3 feet from him at home he screams...we pray it passes soon because it is absolutely wearing us out!  He loves music and dances and claps to any beat!  He is an absolute joy and such a little snuggler.  I don't think his hair could get any blonder....I LOVE it!  It seems impossible that he is already one!  He seemed to really enjoy everyone singing Happy Birthday to him last week!  He loves any and all attention!

It is really heartwarming to watch the boys relationship grow and change, they are playing with one another more and more, and we are refereeing!  We laugh a lot, but rarely sit down!

We had a blast on Bowen's birthday, but those pictures and story I will save for another post...hopefully it won't take me months to start it!
Mother's Day...complete with Luke's first shiner!

Sweet blond lake baby!

Getting ready to tube for the very first time over Memorial Day weekend!

So proud of our tough guy!  Although usually when we are on the speed boat he yells to Drew "slow down Daddy, slow down!!" Meanwhile, Bo throws his arms up in the air laughs!

Our good friend Thomas the Train!

Love how they are looking at each other!

For over a week Luke was obsessed with wearing his goggles....even around the house

Case in point, he will kill me someday for this pic!

Such a mischievous little look!

A rare moment of unsolicited sharing and brotherly love

"Super swimmer!"

"I a big boy now in my big boy bed!"

Four generations of Keller men on Father's Day

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  1. Your boys look beautiful, healthy, and happy! I cannot believe how blonde Bo has gotten. Hugs to everyone!