Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There are tiring, grueling days where I feel impatient even frustrated with the boys.  Toddlers can be a challenge with their developing minds, personalities and determination.  Of course, I love Luke and Bo beyond measure, but I certainly have realized that I take the moments with them for granted many days, or I am too quick to scold rather than understand or slower to respond to their needs.

This week has brought a hefty dose of reality.  One of my dear friends unexpectedly lost her precious baby boy after just 6 short months on this earth.  There is no greater tragedy than losing a child, burying an innocent baby with so much hope for the world, and figuring out how to possibly move on in the face of such sadness and loss.  My heart is breaking and the weight I feel for their family is extreme.  I cannot possibly fathom all of the pain they are experiencing and facing the times ahead. 

I wish it didn't take a tragedy to wake me up from my fog, I want to wake up every day and live it to the fullest, hugging my babies tightly, laughing more, loving stronger, like it was possibly the last time, because the reality is that we never know when it just may be the last moment.  When tragedy hits, it is easy to recognize this, but as time passes we all too quickly fall back in step with the monotony of life, focusing on frustrations, or lack of sleep rather in the moments that make it all beautiful.

My prayer is that this time I permanently learn to step back when I feel myself getting frustrated or overwhelmed.  That I can realize just how blessed and undeserving I am to have my two precious boys, my amazing husband and family.  I want to love bigger and longer and better.  There are so many insignificant things that we allow to weigh us down, I pray I can have some perspective when I feel myself going down that path.

Please pray for my friend and her family as they face the times ahead without their sweet baby boy.


  1. So well written friend. Love your honesty. Holding them close in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. This is awful. And a reminder I needed as I, too, get easily frustrated with my little ones these days. Keeping them and you in my prayers.